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Content is at the heart of any successful SEO campaign. Search engines scan this content and pick up the keywords. Hence well-written and rich content can help your website to gain higher ranking on Google. Although, it is advantageous to have large amount of content, quality cannot be ignored. Remember. Google does not like duplication!
If there is high amount of content in a website but if it duplicated, Google gives low ranking to that website.

At Dotmappers, we help you to generate quality content which is rich in relevant keywords. We can help you to create unique content which differentiates you from your competitors and helps to increase your website’s search engine rankings.

For companies who want to migrate to higher quality website, we can offer CMS or Content Management System solutions. CMS’s help to create highly organized websites which are search engine friendly and make content management simpler. Examples of CMS systems are Magento and WordPress.

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