The Problem
Performing Search Engines Optimization or SEO for e-Commerce website is always a challenging task due to the sheer scale of the project.  E-Commerce websites are generally large with hundreds and sometimes thousands of pages.  Each page will have a unique keyword so you end up with thousands of keywords.  Each of them requires to be optimized on a regular basis to maintain regular traffic to your e-Commerce website.  This poses huge technical and maintenance challenges.

The Solution from Dotmappers

When performing SEO for e-Commerce website, Dotmappers employs a definite step-by-step process which helps to bring more customers to your website.

1.  Analysis

We use several sophisticated tools to analyze the current status of your e-Commerce site like its page rank, traffic, number of back links etc.  This helps us to understand the current position of your website and amount of work that needs to be done to make is SEO friendly.

2.  Keyword Research

Keyword research is a vital stage of the SEO process.  We find relevant and popular keyword for your organization and place them on relevant pages so it becomes easier for search engines like Google and Bing to find them.

3.  Content Optimization

Everybody knows that search engines love content.  However, very few appreciate the fact that what really matters is good and relevant content.  Five lines of relevant information on your web-page will serve you better than 100 lines of gibberish data.

Dotmappers helps you to streamline your website content and make it more relevant and keyword-rich.  Good content not only enables search engines to rank your page higher, but also helps to get the potential customers interested in your products once they land on your website.

4.  Link Building

While content optimization is a vital on size SEO strategy, it is equally important to have good quality and relevant links to your website.  Dotmappers performs highly effective link building to improve your website’s ranking.

For Dotmappers, SEO is very much an iterative process.  It does not stop at simply building back links.   After all the steps to implement effective SEO for your website, we again analyze your website on a regular basis and generate performance reports.  This will give you vital information regarding your website’s growing popularity.  Remember, your competitors are also doing SEO research.  Our service will not only bring you to the top page of Google but will also ensure that you stay there all the time.  For this to happen, Dotmappers regularly studies the SEO level of your website and makes necessary improvements.

Website Speed:

One of the major handicaps for e-Commerce stores is website speed.  The bigger your website gets and the more products and pictures you put, the slower your website gets.  Customers hate slow websites so if you get a lot of traffic to your website which is low in performance, chances are that a lot of these leads won’t be converted to sales.

Google Search Engine has recently started including website speed as a critical SEO factor.  So websites will slow performance could be penalized and not put on top pages of Google no matter how good their on-site or off-size SEO optimization is.

At Dotmappers, our skilled programmers can help you to improve your website speed and performance.  No matter what your website CMS is – wordpress, magento or anything else, we can help to improve the speed.

Google Adwords Marketing:

If yours is a new company or you have just launched a new website, Google Adwords can be a great way to get your sales up and running.  However, if not done properly, these adwords can cost you a lot of money without much return.

Dotmappers can help your company to run a successful Google Adwords campaign.  This will also help you to test your products or services if they are new in market.

E-Commerce Website Development:

Looking for someone to help you built and maintain e-Commerce Website?  No worries – Dotmappers is here.  We can build professional e-Commerce stores that will rival your competitors and help to establish you online base.

No matter how big or small your product range is.  We can serve clients with as less as 100 products and as much as 10,000 products or even more.

Contact us to know more about our Website development Packages.

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